Selected invited talks

Year Abstract link Venue Title PDF video recording
2023 SDSU Emergent nonlinearities and fast solvers for fluids from small to global scales PDF
2022 Alumni Seminar @ NJIT Nonlinear paths: career perspectives with a PhD in Math PDF
2019 anl LANS Seminar @ Argonne National Lab Efficient High-Order Operators and Library Reuse: libCEED PDF video

Selected contributed talks

Year Abstract link Conference Title PDF video recording
2022 pasc-22 PASC 22 ClimaCore.jl: a new flexible and user-friendly dynamical core PDF video
2022 siam-pp-22 SIAM PP 22 Composability, Flexibility, and Ease of use for CliMA’s Next Generation Earth System Model PDF video
2020 siam-an-20 SIAM AN 20 Performance-portable interfaces for applications in Scientific Computing PDF
2020 esco-20 ESCO 20 Towards Exascale Computing: Vectorized Operator Evaluations on Heterogeneous Architectures with libCEED PDF video
2019 agu-19 AGU Fall Meeting 19 LibCEED: an open-source library for efficient high-order operator evaluations PDF
2019 iciam ICIAM 19 On performance portability and library reuse: A Navier-Stokes miniapp PDF
2019 siam-cse-19 SIAM CS&E 19 Efficient Solver Composition with High-order Methods PDF video
2018 ams-jmm AMS JMM 18 Numerical Simulations of Thin Viscoelastic Sheets PDF
2016 siam-an-16 SIAM AN 16 Wetting and Dewetting of Thin Viscoelastic Drops PDF

Selected posters

Year Link Conference Short authors Short title PDF
2021 siam-cse-21 SIAM CS&E 21 Barra et al. libCEED - the Finite Element Library without Elements PDF
2021 agu-21 AGU Fall Meeting 21 Barra et al. Towards the CliMA Earth System Model: Composable operators for flexible discretizations PDF
2020 agu-20 AGU Fall Meeting 20 Barra et al. Efficient implementations for matrix-free solutions of PDEs with libCEED PDF
2019 sc-19 SIAM SC&E 19 Thompson, Barra et al. libCEED - Lightweight High-Order Finite Elements Library with Performance Portability and Extensibility PDF


I hold a PhD in Applied Math and I work mainly in scientific computing, seeking numerical solutions of partial differential equations that can arise in fluid dynamics, solid mechanics and other scenarios.