Year Link Short authors Short title PDF
2022 arxiv Brown, Barra et al. Performance Portable Solid Mechanics via Matrix-Free p-Multigrid PDF

Refereed journal papers

Year Link Journal Short authors Short title PDF
2023 james JAMES Souza et al. The Flux-Differencing DG Method Applied to an Idealized Fully Compressible Nonhydrostatic Dry Atmosphere PDF
2022 jnnfm2 JNNFM Adeyemi et al. Effects of Fluid-Fluid Interfacial Properties on the Dynamics of Bounded Viscoelastic Thin Liquid Films PDF
2021 pc Parallel Computing Abdelfatta, Barra et al. GPU Algorithms for Efficient Exascale Discretizations PDF
2021 joss JOSS Brown, Abdelfatta, Barra et al. libCEED: Fast algebra for high-order element-based discretizations PDF
2021 ijhpca IJHPCA Kolev et al. Efficient exascale discretizations: High-order finite element methods PDF
2019 epje EPJE Barra et al. Thin viscoelastic dewetting films of Jeffreys type subjected to gravity and substrate interactions PDF
2018 caf Computers & Fluids Barra et al. Numerical Simulations of Nearly Incompressible Viscoelastic Membranes PDF
2016 jnnfm JNNFM Barra et al. Interfacial dynamics of thin viscoelastic films and drops PDF

Refereed conference proceedings

Year Link Conference Short authors Short title PDF
2021 eccomas ECCOMAS Mehraban et al. Simulating Compressible and Nearly-Incompressible Linear Elasticity Using An Efficient Parallel Scalable Matrix-Free High-order Finite Element Method PDF
2021 asme ASME Mehraban et al. Efficient Residual and Matrix-Free Jacobian Evaluation for Three-Dimensional Tri-Quadratic Hexahedral Finite Elements PDF
2020 scipy SciPy Barra et al. High-performance operator evaluations with ease of use: libCEED’s Python interface PDF

Technical Reports, User manuals, Thesis, and Correspondence

Year Link Short authors Short title PDF
2021 nature Braga, Francioni, Barra et al. Call to update US re-entry rules for international researchers PDF
2020 libceed Abdelfatta, Barra et al. libCEED User Manual v0.7 PDF
2020 ceed-ms34 Kolev et al. Improve performance and capabilities of CEED-enabled ECP applications on Summit/Sierra PDF
2019 ceed-ms32 Tomov, Abdelfatta, Barra et al. Performance tuning of CEED software and 1st and 2nd wave apps PDF
2019 ceed-ms29 Shephard, Barra et al. Improved Support for Parallel Adaptive Simulation in CEED PDF
2019 ceed-ms25 Brown, Abdelfatta, Barra et al. Public release of CEED 2.0 PDF
2018 thesis Barra Numerical simulations of thin viscoelastic films PDF


I hold a PhD in Applied Math and I work mainly in scientific computing, seeking numerical solutions of partial differential equations that can arise in fluid dynamics, solid mechanics and other scenarios.